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What To Expect From CST?

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During a craniosacral session with the practitioner will have a space devoid of distractions. In my practice, I refer to this as the “sacred space,” because I strive to embody the philosophy that time and space are special, unique, quiet, and restful. The practitioner will ask questions to try and understand what health concerns the client has. This is a critical part of the healing process because craniosacral therapy offers many techniques that can be directly customized to the client’s needs. By having a conversation first, the client and practitioner can work together to find the best option for healing.

Next, the client lies on a traditional massage table, fully clothed, and the practitioner begins to apply a slight amount of pressure (about the weight of a dime) to the craniosacral system. In my case, I draw on more than a hundred different techniques from my years of training and use a precise, gentle touch to areas such as the brain, spine, or other parts of the body. Intuition, perception, and intention come into play here and I use these gifts to direct me to go to those places needing the most attention. Once the body is in a relaxed state, craniosacral therapy has the ability to teach on a cellular level. The body knows this, that is, every cell in the body will remember the connection with the forces of healing, and the more the body remembers those forces of healing, the more it can allow itself to heal. For example, if you’ve had a stiff neck in the past due to stress, it is likely next time you have stress, your neck will get stiff again. The cells in your body remember and now equate stress with a stiff neck. This same “cellular memory” can be achieved in a similar, but positive, way by giving the body–and the central nervous system–an extreme and wonderful experience of deep and often profound relaxation through craniosacral therapy. The more the body remembers this natural state, the more it can allow itself to heal.

By the time you leave your session, you will most likely feel relaxed, refreshed, and re-energized. Some clients even report “a reawakening of power” as the body, mind, and heart find their own profound medicine.

Most of us have mastered the art of “doing” in our crazy, activity-filled world, but “being” is actually tougher, much more rewarding, and is truly a gift. Lao Tzu, the prolific sixth-century B.C.E. philosopher, said, “The source of all great movement lies in stillness.” I’ve often been awed by what the body can do when we give in to the stillness–when we slow down enough for the body to respond positively to its own healing ability.

While craniosacral therapy is a complementary practice, I also view it as a spiritual practice. Now, more than ever before, we are witnessing a return to healing that encompasses the totality and wholeness of the body, mind, spirit, and psyche. We are paying more attention to what we eat, we are looking for alternatives to drugs, and we are stopping to think for a moment before we make that call to the doctor. We are flexing the muscles of a deeper consciousness as we strive to experience what it means to live a healthy and authentic life. In many ways, we are reaching out to the spiritual roots of our healing. By tapping into our inner healer, craniosacral therapy helps us get there.

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SEO and PPC: Why You Only Need One Agency

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Until recently, it was common practice to split your digital marketing between an agency specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO) and one specialising in pay per click advertising (PPC). This approach made sense as agencies often focused on one aspect over the other.

As digital marketing has established itself as an essential facet of business, the lines between these two forms of marketing have blurred and now it is arguably a more sensible choice to keep all aspects of your digital marketing strategy under one agency’s roof. If anything, SEO and PPC are becoming increasingly important to each other. Companies like can really help.

If you look at a search result page on Google, you will note that the list of results is more often a mixture of both paid and organic listings. Google has announced plans to include paid adverts and pins in local search results and search results on Google Maps so it is fair to assume that integration of SEO and PPC is only going to increase. Google has been the leading name in online advertising for so long that when many people think of Adwords when they think of PPC.  This made appearing in targeted search essential, meaning that SEO and PPC could be placed under the umbrella term of ‘search marketing’. Then social media rose in prominence.

With networks such as Facebook and Twitter becoming ever more influential, PPC developed to mean paid search as well as paid social, which muddied the waters as social and content marketing were added to the mixture. It is now common for your SEO to reference content marketing and your PPC expert to extoll the benefits of social media. Digital marketing is no longer a selection of separate practices managed by different professionals; they work in conjunction with each other. A successful digital marketing campaign will include aspects of SEO, PPC, content and social media marketing. Remember that PPC and SEO go hand in hand.

When digital marketing was in its infancy, employing different agencies to cover different roles was commonplace. You would have one on board to handle website design, one for further development and optimisation and a range of others, depending on the number of different marketing channels you pursued. It was unwieldy and difficult to manage.

There was no such thing as a unified marketing campaign; each was only interested in their chosen practice.

By bringing everything under one banner, you cut out any competition that may grow between the agencies you use. Everyone is clear on the aim of the campaign and can work in unison to see to its maximum potential. When PPC needs to take the lead, it can. If those working on the PPC campaign need assistance from the SEO team, they are there ready to help; there is no waiting for returned calls or a lengthy email conversation.

To take control of your company’s digital marketing strategy, bring all facets of your online marketing under one roof. You will not regret it.

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How To Find The Right Stud For Your Female Horse?

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If you’re planning to have your mare be pregnant, then you need to do your research before you let some stud mount her. You got to be sure that the stud that you wanted fits to your desires and the future of your plans. There are many studs out there that show a significant number of potentials for your mare but is it the right type of stud for your horse and your plans? Thanks to some breeding areas and potential stud candidates, there are too many horses waiting and are available which will be kind of difficult to narrow your choices down before making a decision. However, if you are considering of not breeding your mare but instead buying Shetland ponies online that would be a good option for you, but that would be another thing all together especially when you are already hyped for a pregnant mare.

Now, let’s focus on the ideas or tips in making sure that you found the right stud to breed your mare. With the help of these steps, you can finally get your mare pregnant with a foal.

  • Learn the traits and physical attributes that you want for your foal to have. Now, before you decided to pick up a stud for your mare to breed, you have to learn about the physical traits and attributes of the stud. Like for example, your horse is caramel colored with white hair, what kind of stud that you want to pair her up? Because the appearance of the foal will be the result of that match.
  • Check the health stats. Once you’ve picked the appearance, it is time to test the health status of the stud. You don’t want your mare to accidentally contract a disease or illness that would be a problem to you. So be sure to check that everything is in order before giving her to the stud.
  • What type of breed of horse do you want? There are a lot of breeds out there, and if you’re planning to have a half breed or a pure bred, then it is your choice to decide. It is best to also think about this as well unless you are okay with having your foal being a mixed.
  • Know about its history. Next, is the history of that kind of steed. It is better to learn as much as you can about that steed and maybe the horse’s potential will show up into the foal. If it’s a runner, then the foal will have the potential to become an athlete. Imagine the possibilities that you’ll find when having that type of foal on your farm.

There are a lot of things that you might find when having to breed your mare to produce a pony, but you can also consider in buying a Falabella horses for sale if you decided that breeding might not be the right option for you and you’ve decided to purchase a pony if you want. Whatever the choices that you make it all depends on you. With these steps when it comes to finding the perfect stud for your mare will guarantee you a successful foal.

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Facts about Environmental Management Consulting

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Promoting health and safety in the workplace is essential. This is true even in the kind of workplace that is not considered to be a dangerous area, or has other risk factors that can be associated with a harmful working place. If there is an effective management, the entire environment’s risk is much lower. For example, a constructive company has applied the standards of required precaution, and at the same time are trained to provide assistance and education to all working staff and employers.

Why do you need a good system of environmental management?

The framework that assists environmental management in West Yorkshire simply provides improvement with efficiency and their environmental sustainability. Of course, no one in the business would like to just waste money, energy and even to harm the environment. There are different elements that a company has to implement in terms of following the environmental management system (EMS), here are the following:


  1. Company’s environmental goals- indeed every company business that aims to build their actual foundation to grow in the market have different goals from each other. Perhaps, they may have the same goal, but implementation may differ as well from how they perceive environmental management to be safe and healthy.
  2. Compliance must be legal- most companies target to decrease environmental risk, so this means that precautionary methods are being applied, and essential objectives must be stated for the employees and the employer to be aware of such.
  3. Progress notes are important- having to build a construction design should be based on achieving the objectives or target. This is also best if you are sharing and reviewing the progress to ensure that everyone is aware and there is consistency in seeking for improvement.
  4. Communication- this is very essential among all employees by making them aware of environmental management information.

What is considered to be a success?

With environmental management there is enough support that a company leader should begin by having SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bounded). Remember that to attain such goals there should be constant communication and sharing of the stakeholder’s internal and external results. As soon as an achievement has been made, it would be best to learn from all the mistakes with the errors that have previously been done.


There are benefits that you can gain from the application of EMS. For example, the reduced use of harmful chemicals that would cause damage to the environment such as tobacco smoking. If this is prohibited, this makes the environmental management very effective. In terms of team building events, the employees will certainly benefit from any other indoor activities such as waste water waste and landfill disposal and also energy generation.

Therefore with a standardized environmental management, the experience in enhancing a particular local community depends on the plan provided. The need to increase infrastructure such as water supplies matters most for every application of EMS. So, it is necessary to have commitment on such policies that are made for implementation, review and evaluation.

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What are the Things You Should Expect from Roofing Contractors?

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In order to keep the ‘defense’ of your home in tip top condition, you need to have it checked annually before the big storm comes in. Most of the time you’d hire the professionals to do their job without a single inquiry about what they are going to do. But there’s a downside to this kind of attitude. It is recommended that residential owners must have at least a basic understanding on what the roofing contractors are going to do.

In order to get the best solution from your concerns with the roofing processes, experts recommend that you hire the services of roofing contractors Kent as they are believed to be good with their services. Below are some of the things you can expect from the roofing contractors:

  • A professional roofing contract must have all the needed insurance and license as they are assurances that they are approved to work on your roof. It is also to ensure the company you are hiring that they are following the standards as established by the government. The insurance is used to cover any damage or accidents that happens within the time that the project is running. This is to assure you that there are no additional costs coming from your part if something does go wrong.
  • A professional roofing contractor must be able to give you a list of past clients and references. It is necessary so that you will have an idea of the quality of their work.
  • A professional roofing contractor is expected to have certifications that proves he or she is able to install the products properly that comes from the manufacturers that the company he or she represents. Certain products need special training or instructions to install. With the necessary certifications, this will give you relief that the products are going to be installed properly.
  • A professional roofing contractor must be able to communicate with their clients properly and in a professional manner. The company should be able to provide their clients a detailed proposal on what entails in their work. This will give you, as a client, a good understanding on what is going to happen with the project. The proposal should also cover the process period, its costs, materials, etc.
  • A professional roofing contractor must be able to provide the needed warranty. Warranties will assure clients that it can help resolve problems without the added expense. The warranty gets active if something wrong happens with the installation of the products or during the process. Having a warranty will give you the peace of mind you need.

There are different roofing contractors in the industry today. and not all of them can meet your expectations. Which is why the five points mentioned above will help you get to the right roofing contractor. Lastly, the contractor that you are going to hire must be comfortable work with. Otherwise, it will be difficult for your concerns to pass through them if they can’t even communicate well with you.

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